Mixed Metals: Yay or Nay?

Mixed Metals: Yay or Nay?
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Mixed metals were always a no-go, until suddenly they were not. Done right, it works. I’ve personally always been a fan, quite simply because I cannot choose. I am also a firm believer that you can have too much of a good thing, so while brass is all the rage, at what point is it too much? Break it up with a matte black. Of course, design aesthetic also comes into play. Super glam bath? Solid gold, Baby. #goforit But, go ALL. THE. WAY. Just #keepitclassy. But, if you regularly become paralyzed when faced with too many choices, like me, do not fret any longer!


While mixed metals have been making their way into fashion for quite some time, there’s been a slower creep into the home. That is, until now.  A couple of years ago (I have lost all track of time) Cafe Appliances wow’d the design world with their matte finishes and wait for it…mixed metals! Their beefy commercial handles boasted an array of customizable metals and a flashy Cafe accent in copper. Their bronze finish became the hottest kitchen accent against matte white and matte black while they continued to introduce more metals with brushed black as the latest addition to their lineup. (And likely the newest addition to my Lake Las Vegas kitchen, so stay tuned!)


Monogram’s signature brass burners made their accent debut in the Statement Collection as insets on the handles as well as their knobs, bringing mixed metal fab into the luxury space. 

And the jewels of the kitchen did not disappoint either. If you didn’t catch my first assessment of cabinet hardware, be sure to check out the latest and greatest here, in addition to these oh, so gorg mixed metals.

Emtek brought big game to KBIS this year with their mix and match Select Collection. Not only can you mix materials, but there is an array of metals to choose from, making them a particularly excellent option to accent almost any appliance line.

And while we are on hardware, say hello to Schaub’s Modo Collection with the most amazing inset pulls ready to be customized and boasting knurled detailing, also hot on the market, making industrial look classy and well, not so industrial.

But the mixed metal detail doesn’t stop at hardware. Kohler hopped on the trend and didn’t stop with just one option. Check out this array of Tone faucets for your kitchen. Love matte black, but not a fan of the brass? Cool. It comes in polished chrome also to update your contemporary space.

Choices, choices, choices. Making them are hard, but with so many options, who has to choose just one? No one now.

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