Hardware: Eye Candy for the Kitchen

Hardware: Eye Candy for the Kitchen
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Eye Candy. Icing. Crown jewels. Call it what you want, but cabinet hardware is the statement necklace of the kitchen.  Whether adding hardware to round out a brand spanking new kitchen or looking for an affordable and easy way to spruce up a tired one, adding hardware takes any cabinetry from blah to muah!

Much like accessories, the great thing about hardware is that it can be switched out if it becomes worn or dated, as long as you stick with standard sizes.  You can get fancy with pull tabs, insets, and backplates, but if you have not invested in a custom kitchen, have a definitive design style, or you are apt to redecorate with trends, stick to pulls and knobs for easy swaps down the line.

I know, I know, knobs and pulls-that doesn’t sound like a statement piece! Do not fret, there are some very special pieces that dress to impress and are such show stoppers that you will never want to rid your space of them.  I’ll even admit-I might design kitchens based on the hardware I want to use. No shame in that! It’s like finding an outfit to go with that great vintage piece you just scored at the flea. #guilty #noshameinthat

Oooooh, you fancy now!

Belwith Keeler

Vintage Vibes

I was super stoked to find this gem at the bit of Virtual KBIS 2021 that I got to attend. #technicalissues

I have to start with the history because, well, it’s such a cool story! Being in business for 125 years means you have Seen. It. All. But have you done it all?! Not at Belwith Keeler. With 125 years’ worth of a design archive, they draw on vintage pieces to reimagine and modernize already timeless styles. I’ve been drooling over just about every single piece, but here are a few of my faves, if I must choose.


Nature Inspired (And a bit retro, I’d say)

Schaub’s new collection Stradella is made of sand casted bronze, which is not only the oldest method of bronze casting, but is utilized to make unique and difficult shapes, clearly apparent in this beautifully unique hardware collection with modern lines and a timeless artistic appeal.

Their City Lights collection is like a classic set of diamond studs. Classy and elegant. Goes with everything. The variety of shapes spans the design spectrum from traditional to glam to modern. Pair with a Fonce cabinet pull in a matching finish (or not-more on that to come!) for a sleek and balanced look.


Mix + Match

Oh, how you get me. Simple. Understated. And yet, just interesting enough.  Emtek has always been a go to for me. The clean lines will never age and I’ve used their hardware in modern designs, transitional designs, and mid-century modern designs. Like hoops. They go with everything (I seriously have no idea how I got hung up on earrings. I started with jewelry and just went with it I guess. #itsworking) The new Select collection allows you to personalize “even more styles and designs across levers, knobs, stems and rosettes.” The marble does not disappoint. WOW!


Simply Fresh

Atlas has THE BEST white hardware. For something fresh. For something different. And for something that would look bada- on oh, so popular white oak. And there’s a enough of a selection from ultra-modern to transitional to a traditional white knob that could punch up a seemingly dated kitchen, giving it a modern edge.

Top Knobs

The Sure Bet

Looking for traditional hardware with a modern finish? Looking for a variety of finishes? Looking for a sure bet that you’ll find something? Top Knobs seriously has it all. Beautiful detailing and two hot finishes that make me swoon. They are definitely that silk scarf that goes with anything and anywhere.  


That Honey Bronze, oh my! It is so smooth and velvety. And has such a consistent finish. Some bushed bronze finishes will have a bit of an aged look or color variations around the edges-also gorg-but there’s just something about the Honey Bronze that has the most pristine finish. But wait, there’s more!


The new Ash Grey. Yes please! This almost a matte steel color is the perfect solution to bridging the gap between tired old brushed nickel and popular, but bold matte black. Want to mix metals? #ontrend Matte black fixtures, ash grey hardware, and no need to spend all that dough replacing those stainless steel appliances. (That is, until you are ready to call me for that kitchen overhaul…) There is a slight sheen a’la Honey Bronze, so smooth and silky. It doesn’t get much better than this. 

JB Sides + Co

And just to prove I have an affinity for hardware…I might have a small collection. Check out these pieces off of vintage furniture, snagged at a flea, and lugged home from Nepal. #worththeweight Someday I might share my super special door handles… #definitelyovertheweightlimit

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